Posted on May 25, 2016

Exercise Summary

Sled push can be a grueling power workout with a simple concept: push a heavy object from point A to point B.  Unfortunately, most people do it wrong, As you move forward, you should maintain a straight line from your head to your ankles the entire time. Your power comes from your legs and hips, so drive your feet diagonally into the ground with each step. Most people tend to load up their sleds, too, but you shouldn’t start with a lot of weight, start with a weight that you can maintain your form though-out.


Exercise Steps

  1. Get into the crouched position
  2. Arms straight, shoulders engaged
  3. Look up slightly and keep your chest up and back straight to gain momentum
  4. Long knee drive, push the floor away
  5. Use the legs and hips to drive the sled
  6. Become a beast

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