Posted on February 16, 2017

Push Up Descriptions

The push up is an outstanding core-strengthening exercise if pone properly. Learning how to do a proper push up will be a lifelong tool to increase strength, build muscle and burn fat. Best of all you only need is your bodyweight to do it.


Push Up Steps

  1. Start by lying down on the floor to prep the body
  2. Bring your legs together and tuck your toes
  3. Straighten your legs out and keep them tight
  4. Squeeze your butt and abs
  5. Bring your hands near your armpits
  6. Tuck your chin and pull your head back
  7. Hold your body tight and push up


Common Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)


The Mistake: Letting Your Lower Back Sag or Arch The fix: Sure, push-ups are known for strengthening your pecs, shoulders, and triceps, but they’re a total-body move. Focus on tightening your glutes and legs. Engaging your glutes can help keep the lower back from arching or sagging during the move. And instead of letting your hips flop to the ground, press your chest to the ground first, keeping hips in the same plane as your shoulders.

The Mistake: Forgetting to Breathe The fix: Concentrating on form and reps can make it easy to forget one of the most important parts of working out: breathing. Inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up.

The Mistake: Flaring Your Arms The fix: Letting those arms pop out to 90 degrees can be really tough on the shoulders. Instead of forming a “T” with the arms and body, keep your elbows tucked closer at about a 20- to 40-degree angle to your torso.

The Mistake: Cheating Yourself The fix: The key is quality over quantity. Make sure each push-up reaches a full range of motion by getting your chest as close to the floor as comfortable, then fully extending your elbows at the top. Having sloppy form will make for a less effective exercise that targets fewer muscles.

The Mistake: Straining Your Neck
The fix: If you’ve ever had neck pain while doing a push-up, chances are you’re not holding your neck in a neutral position. You can fix this by picking a point on the floor a few feet in front of you to stare at. If you still feel yourself twisting your neck into a strange angle, drop to your knees until your form improves.


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