Posted on June 8, 2016

Why do you need a coach? I am not talking about a personal trainer here. Even though a personal trainer can give you the results your looking for, given your situation a coach maybe all you need. As our daily life gets more and more hectic spending hours in a gym is not always an option. Since most group classes are only an hour long many people are shifting towards them to get the results they are looking, within those group classes lies a coach, whether it’s CrossFit, boot camp, or spinning you have a coach there trying to get the best out of you.

1. Accountability

This perhaps might be most obvious reason to have a coach. Everyone does better when they have a coach to hold them accountable. We all need accountability for any goals we want to achieve in almost every aspect of our lives, so why is your health & fitness any different. Having a coach will help you achieve those goals that always seem out of reach.

A coach will;

    1. Talk openly and regularly about performance and push you to improve.
    2. Encourage independent responsible for your behavior and performance.
    3. Want to explore and identify reasons for poor performance and aim to remove or at least reduce them.
    4. Encourage you to evaluate your own performance on a regular basis.
    5. Ensure you are clear about Goals, targets and expectations.

2. Motivation

There are plenty of ways to describe what it means to be motivated. You’re driven. You’re passionate. You’re dedicated. Maybe you’ve got that inner “fire” or you just “want it” more than anyone else.

No matter how you describe it, when it comes to fitness, motivation is an essential part of success.Everyone that steps foot into a new gym already has motivation or they wouldn’t be there, which is key since self-motivation is the only true lasting motivation.

Having a great coach that understands the power of motivation to inspire their clients can be the difference between achieving your goals or letting your motivation just fizzle out over time.

3. Knowledge

This General Motors ad featuring an unusually buff Albert Einstein does not violate any laws, a federal judge ruled in Los Angeles. Hebrew University claims it is control of the late physicist Einstein's likeness.

A coach has knowledge that can help you reach your goals.

It is important to remain open-minded and listen to what the coach has to say they often will teach you something and not even realize it, since it’s second nature to them.Sometimes it seems counter-intuitive. Anyone who has gone through a preparation cycle for a bodybuilding show will know what I mean, keep in mind this is their job so have trust in them.

Changing one part of the whole pie they are giving you could possible throw everything off.

4. Resources

The right coach will bring with them a range of tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals.They will also have a good network of links and be willing to share them with you. This could include a library of books.

Audio and video resources, useful online resources and most importantly People.

5. A Different Perspective

When you’re in the heat of the game you need a coach on the outskirts with a wider perspective of the whole field. A good coach will enable you to come up with a fresh approach to a problem.Sometime we allow emotion to blur our vision and sway our decision, but a coach does not have that emotional attachment and will give you an objective point of view.

Also, A coach often times has Hindsight, “A mentors Hindsight can be our Foresight”

6. Challenge

Sometime, due to the closeness of a relationship, your friends, partners, family or work colleagues won’t challenge you as they don’t want to ‘Rock the boat.’ However, a good coach will challenge you in a number of ways.

      • They will challenge you to push yourself and to go the extra mile.
      • They will challenge any poor performance and slacking.
      • They will challenge your ideas in the aim of getting you to dig deeper.
      • They will challenge a negative attitude and a defeatist mind-set.

7. Intensityintensity

Some people need someone present when they train in order to achieve maximum intensity.

You will often push for that last rep when you know someone is there counting on you to give it 100%.

Being a coach myself I’ve seen many of my client’s train harder when I’m working with them, often times surpassing even their own expectations.

We all need a coach for different reasons, a beginner might need the motivation & the knowledge while another that’s at a high level in their sport and might need the accountability & a different perspective Even if your highly self-motivated & I don’t need someone there to yell at you, my guess is you’re still missing at least half the things on this list. There’s a reason why the most elite athletes in the world all have a coach not only in their sport but also in the off season. Don’t sell yourself short, even if your well on your way to reaching your goals how would you ever know if you could have got their faster or better without a different perspective, you won’t.

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