Posted on January 29, 2017

Kettlebell Exercise Description: 

The See-Saw Press is an excellent upper body pushing kettlebell exercise!  This movement works your deltoids, triceps and even your chest to a lesser degree.  Perform the See-Saw Press in lower reps for strength, or use this kettlebell exercise for hypertrophy by performing slightly higher reps, in the 8 -15 range.




Kettlebell Exercise Steps

  1. Grab two kettlebell and clean to a rack position.
  2. Press one kettlebell overhead.  Lockout for a moment with your bicep close to your ear.
  3. Pull that kettlebell down under control as you press the other kettlebell overhead.  The kettlebell should pass each other on the way up. Like a see-saw.
  4. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions per side.

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