Posted on May 28, 2016


Exercise Summary

The Bent Over Row is an excellent exercise to build a powerful back, core and arms. Maintaining core tension will alleviate pressure on the lower back . It is a fantastic back and biceps workout that can be used well with your current routine or by itself.  During the Barbell Bent Over Row you will also have the added benefit of a strong grip and forearms.



Exercise Steps

  1. Grip bar just outside shoulder width.
  2. Stand tall with the bar, feet shoulder width apart.
  3. Drop hips creating a slight bend in the knees.
  4. Hinge forward so the back is at a 45 degree angle.
  5. Squeeze shoulder blades together.
  6. Pull bar to your lower rib cage.


  • If you perform bent over rows with an overhand grip, you will place an emphasis on the lower part of the trapezius and your rhomboids.
  • Performing bent rows with an underhand grip will place most of the emphasis on the upper portion of the trapezius and the biceps brachii.

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